Aurizon Rail Network – FY24 Capital Asset Program

The Capital Works Program for Aurizon’s rail network upgrades and improvements to rail infrastructure was tendered in various packages for the Financial Year 2024 Capital Asset Program. The packaged projects include improvements to culverts, level crossings and formations. Rail shutdowns were required to be factored into the works to replace tracks.

Project information

Project Owner
Joe Wagner Group
Capital Cost
Tender Awarded - Various Packages


As part of the various packages for the Financial Year 2024 Capital Asset Program of the Capital Works Program for Aurizon, Civil Project Partners worked with the Joe Wagner Group on sectors of the rail network upgrades and improvements. These included:

  • Railway removal and replacement, cut and weld new rail
  • Formation replacement
  • Ballast and capping placement; and
  • Shutdown works – from 48 hours to 96 hours (24hour shifts).

Service Provided

Civil Project Partners were engaged to provide support to the Joe Wagner Group with a Senior Cost Estimator working within their tender team.
Other services included:
  • Re-measuring items
  • Programming of rail shutdowns (hourly program); and
  • Procurement – developed and sought market enquiries.

Tools used

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