What are IJCs and DJCs?

A contractor’s cost estimate generally comprises of direct job costs (DJCs), indirect job costs (IJCs), offsite overhead, risk and profit margin.

DJC is an acronym for direct job costs. The costs represent the cost to perform the work item. In the case of TMR, the MRS specifications itemise the work to be measured. The costs include

  • Direct labour, carpenters, concretors, labourers…
  • Plant, excavators, graders, rollers, watercarts…
  • Materials, concrete, pavements…
  • Subcontractors, asphalt subcontractor, linemarking….

IJC stands for indirect job costs. Costs include;

  • Mobilisation and demobilisation
  • Insurances, bonds and fees
  • Site offices, crib facilities
  • Staff salaries and inductions
  • Vehicles
  • IT
  • Fuel storage

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