Construction Materials Shopping Basket Guide December 2023 Quarter

The final quarter of 2023 offered a little respite for major project construction costs, according to the latest edition of the Civil Project Partners Construction Materials Shopping Basket Guide.

“Fluctuations in fuel pricing remain challenging for the sector,” said Civil Project Partners’ Ryan O’Neill. “With ongoing global tensions impacting supply and confidence, it is a resource that we expect to be challenging to forecast throughout 2024, other than to say the only certainty at this stage is uncertainty.”

“Steel, Asphalt and Quarry Materials have all remained constant across the quarter, and annual price increases are not yet being felt by the market, and demand has cooled over the final quarter of 2023. However, we expect there to be localised pricing variations through 2024 based on major projects coming online. For example, as the Coomera Connector moves to full delivery, localised pricing challenges for all road construction materials may well become evident in the Gold Coast market.”

“Overall, the trend in pricing escalation is easing, and we are seeing a flattening of the significant price growth that impacted the sector from September 2023.”

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