Civil Construction Materials Shopping Basket Index September 2023

September 2023 Edition Available Now – Download the updated edition of the Civil Project Partners Civil Construction Materials – Shopping Basket Index, for the July – September 2023 quarter.

Each quarter we take the industry’s most common materials: Concrete, Steel Reinforcement, Asphalt, Quarry Material and Fuel; we analyse the price and weigh the proportion for a typical road project, with a base point at 100, set from March 2021. The percentage growth or decline is a reflection of the change since the previous quarter, but the overall graph shows the rate of change since the base point period.

We update this quarterly to help you to understand the impacts of critical material costs in the market. For further professional advice our team are here to help. Civil Project Partners provide the construction and infrastructure industry with technical expertise and know-how to minimise risk, accurately plan and forecast major works.


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