It Just Makes Sense

The move to sustainability in construction and infrastructure is a trend that is inevitable and welcomed by the team at Civil Project Partners. We asked the team to tell us about the innovations and trends that they see becoming a reality for projects in the years ahead.

It Just Makes Sense

“Across Australia, billions of dollars are being invested in road programs. From major highway developments and upgrades to suburban level crossing removal projects, federal, state and local governments are working to address the challenges of moving people and goods efficiently and cost-effectively.”

With such a significant level of investment, Sean believes that the time is right for leadership to be shown in project sustainability.

“Many of the standards and manuals used on major projects were drafted decades ago when resources were more readily available, were cheaper, and the long-term environmental impacts were not known or understood. It was also a time where consideration for recycled materials was not on the agenda.”

“Now is the time for major government agencies to take the lead and be more proactive in promoting a more sustainable approach to infrastructure development. Agencies such as the Department of Transport and Main Roads should be applauded for trialling new materials on projects, however it possible that the introduction of new standards and processes can be expedited.”

“The more we can incorporate recycled products into infrastructure projects, the better.  This approach is used more often now than in past years. Recycled tyres in bitumen, glass in asphalt and should be actively encouraged. If used alongside wind and solar-powered lighting, improved planting and water capture and future trends such as photovoltaic pavements, the sustainability and social licence for road construction can be improved while reducing the environmental impact.”

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